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Birmingham Agreement

If there is anything in the agreement that you do not understand, contact us or seek advice from a lawyer, civic council or municipal residential centre. The Birmingham campaign ended in a victory in May 1963, when local officials agreed to remove “White Only” and “Black Only” from toilet and fountain signs in Birmingham city centre; Desegregate lunch counters; Establish a “Negro Job Improvement Plan”; release of detained protesters; and to create a Biracian commission to monitor the agreement. Segregation would be slow in the coming months, coupled with violent attacks by furious segregationists, including the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, which killed four young girls. Learn more about some of the events that followed the campaign and the city`s continued thirst for integration. Marshall returned to the Oval Office after asking King what kind of statement he advised the president. King only hoped that the president would deter people from violence and, according to Marshall, “would urge everyone to be decent and to respect law and order.” King said that as long as there were no other attacks or incidents, he expected the community to remain calm. But when Birmingham business leaders reversed and rejected the deal, King warned: “I can`t control people.” The images had a profound effect in Birmingham. Despite decades of dissent at the time the photos were published, “the black community immediately consolidated behind King,” said David Vann, who was later mayor of Birmingham. [77] [78] Dismayed by what the Birmingham police are doing to protect segregation, New York Senator Jacob K. Javits said, “The country will not tolerate it” and urged Congress to pass a civil rights law. Similar reactions were reported by Kentucky Sen. Sherman Cooper and Oregon Senator Wayne Morse, who compared Birmingham to Apartheid South Africa.

[80] A New York Times editorial called the Birmingham police`s behaviour a “national disgrace.” [81] The Washington Post published: “The Birmingham Show …