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Golden 1 Credit Card Agreement

If you live in Northern California, this is the perfect card for your daily expenses: the Golden1 Credit Union Platinum Rewards card offers one of the lowest APRs available on a premium credit card, while offering one of the most generous prices available at no annual fee. Few cards can beat the APR on the Golden 1 Platinum Rewards card, which also offers very advantageous prices and fees, including exceptionally low fees for late payments. However, if you want to transfer a balance or finance a new purchase, you may be better served by a card offering a 0 percent APR. If you spend a lot on gas and food or eat frequently, the golden 1 Platinum Rewards card could be exactly what you need to steal a significant amount of money. The Platinum Rewards card gives cardholders 3 percent money for purchases in food, gas and restaurants and 1 percent cash for everything else. There are no minimum values on the amount you can exchange, nor are there limits to the total amount you can earn, so there is an ideal card for consumers who use the routine credit to pay for daily purchases. Golden 1 Credit Union also does not offer a choice of how you can cash in your money. Many cash back cards give cardholders the ability to exchange their money for gift cards, merchandise or other cash options. Golden 1 Credit Union also makes it easy to cash in the money you earned by depositing it into your account at the end of each billing period.

Many cash back cards, on the other hand, ask for the money they earn. However, you cannot return in cash if you do not have a specific credit in your savings account. To qualify for cash-back discounts, you must have a Golden 1 Credit Union share account and keep the minimum account balance. Our ratings and best map recommendations are based on an objective evaluation process and are not fueled by promotional dollars. However, we receive compensation by clicking on links to our partners` products. Learn more about our advertising policy If you mainly use credit cards for everyday purchases like gas, food and food, the Golden 1 Platinum Rewards could be a fantastic way to recover cash while avoiding APR and year fees. You miss the benefits of a few other reward cards, but as long as money is your priority, there is little downside to getting this card, as it offers a low APR, unlimited rewards and a simple deposit as a deposit if you keep a minimum deposit. For a card from a small credit union, the Golden 1 Credit Union Platinum Rewards is surprisingly generous. It offers a considerable amount of cash bonuses for gas, food and restaurant purchases, making it a good choice for families who spend a lot on daily purchases.

It also has a refreshing interest rate, which has become increasingly rare in recent years. Despite the strict rules for cashing the Platinum Rewards card, the card is an excellent choice for cardholders who tend to carry a balance. Cardholders with the highest credit ratings are charged only 9.29%, which is one of the lowest interest rates you can get on any credit card. The average low card, for example, calculates 11.62 per cent, while the average cash back card requires at least 15.27 per cent. At 15.29 per cent, the maximum platinum Rewards card rate is also significantly lower than the average for a cash-back card. The main drawback of the Golden 1 Platinum Rewards card is that it doesn`t offer as many advantages as its competitors. Many other cash back cards offer premium travel and purchase benefits that can save you a lot of money on the road.