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Mff Agreement November 2020

The size of the 2021-2027 long-term budget and the next generation of the EU, in line with the European Council compromise of July 2020. The sustainability and direction of support measures, as well as a careful evaluation of national programmes and actions, are essential for the success and hence for the acceptance of these new instruments by all Member States and European societies. Only in this way can we overcome the mistrust between the Member States that has manifested itself in the European Council negotiations. Only in this way can the innovative changes in the European budgetary system on 21 July 2020 evolve towards an irreversible deepening of European integration. “Today, Europe has won historically with this agreement. After weeks of negotiations, we finally have a political compromise that meets the expectations of European citizens and defies our present time,” said GOZI. “Thanks to the commitment of the European Parliament, this package is larger than the one presented by national governments over the summer; To this end, I warmly congratulate the Budget Negotiators of the European Parliament for allowing this historic step for a federal Europe with the Presidency of the Council,” added Mr GOZI. Commission proposal on the revised multi-year financial framework for the period 2014-2020 – 2021-2027 and decision on own resources – sectoral legislation For the second time since the introduction of strict coronavirus containment measures, the European Parliament held its April plenary session with a majority of members and applied the alternative voting procedure introduced by parliament`s Office for the March II session. This temporary voting procedure may be applied until 31 July 2020, unless it is extended by decision of the Bureau. Read more → “Ambitious ideas on common debt and new own resources to emerge from the crisis, solidarity and digital and ecological transformation are exactly what we have summoned as federalists,” said UEF President and MEP Sandro GOZI. “Based on new resources, we are very pleased, as federalists, that the agreement guarantees and increases the funds for the main increases in the EU`s flagship programmes, such as Horizon, Erasmus, which were about to pay the price of the health crisis we are currently experiencing and which are jeopardising our current and future generations of Europeans” GOZI points out.