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Uup Collective Bargaining Agreement

This is the agreement that was reached to represent the contract between the New York State Executive Branch (Governor`s Office) and United Professions University (UUP) for the period 2016-2022. The State recognizes UUP as an exclusive representative for collective bargaining and negotiations regarding wages, wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment for workers in positions at the State Professional Services Negotiating Unit. The union also negotiates agreements with the state on evaluation and promotion procedures, including the agreement between the university and the UUP on a system for evaluating and promoting professional agents. This extension (which benefits Empire Plan listings, regardless of the bargaining unit) is a direct consequence of our representation of interests within the UUP Joint Committee on Health Benefits (JCHB). In response to requests from Adjunct faculties living in countries that do not have network integration, we have addressed this issue at JCHB. In response to our intervention, the Department of Public Service agreed to re-examine the issue (something that was previously contradicted and long overdue) and has now found that the provision of national access to providers on the network is justified. The additional delay affects approximately 80,000 Employees in New York State, including the UUP, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and other government rate units. Although we have not accepted these delays, we understand that the state`s decision is motivated by the budgetary crisis that developed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. To address this crisis, it is essential that the federal government provide urgent assistance to national and local governments across the country, including New York. Given the current situation in Washington, it is fair to conclude that it is unlikely that aid will come from there before November 3.

It is therefore more important than ever for the State of New York to adopt an “ultra-millionaire tax” and a “billionaire tax.” In addition, we will intensify our efforts to secure the adoption of the proposed reintroduction of the share tax. This option could generate more than $1 billion in the first month! More information on these efforts will follow. The union studies many aspects of our professional lives and recommends improvements, attempts to solve problems, address injustices and ensure that all members have an adequate right of procedure. The union, on behalf of SUNY and all public education, defends state legislators and other elected representatives. There are 33 chapters within the UUP. The Alfred State chapter represents approximately 300 people, both in university and professional staff. UUP`s new contract significantly expands participation options and credit amounts for each coming year. PEP allows eligible UUP employees to exchange previously accrued leave for a cash loan that is applied to the NYSHIP bonus staff`s share twice. Full-time and part-time workers who take time off may participate in the program. Click here for more information Click here to download the UUP Benefit Trust Fund Scholarship Program form for UUP eligible employees.