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Teutates Agreement

Worse still, the existence of the 1996 Franco-American agreement, which builds on previous agreements on warhead security cooperation, is not secret (there was a press release) and is not a precise description for “opening the door to France, using NIF, DARHT and other institutions”. These included a cooperation agreement on next-generation laser installations: the NIF in the United States, the LMJ (Laser Megajoule, inaugurated last month) in France. In September 2015, the defence ministers of both countries signed an agreement on the implementation of centres of excellence in the missile sector. These technical centres have been designed to limit technological redundancies through the division of technical skills and skills between the two parties. The technologies developed in this context will then be integrated into the various MBDA programmes. This streamlines development costs through industrial integration and ensures the sustainability of industrial capacity on both sides of the Channel, while linking the two nations through “progressive and controlled interdependence.” [19] [20] France and the United States have signed a secret agreement that encourages its nuclear weapons scientists to a much closer alliance, so that each nation can help others maintain their nuclear arsenal after an expected international treaty bans any explosion of testing, according to U.S. and diplomatic officials. The agreement was ratified by the French and British parliaments in October 2016 and provides for the opening of eight centres of excellence. [21] [22] In March 2017, the French and British defence ministers signed an agreement to launch a three-year conceptual phase for the development of a new long-range missile for each country`s navy and air force. The two nations have pledged to contribute 100 million euros to the completion of the study and the pooling of their technologies and testing facilities.

[17] The future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW) program is expected to replace the Harpune, Exocet, Stormschatten and SCALP missiles. [18] This is how Jeff Smith described the New Washington Post Agreement of 1996: NIS prepared a new briefing on the Anglo-French Cooperation Agreement (copies of briefings and original contractual documents available below), highlighting the following key points: it was quite obvious to all those who opened the door for France to use NIF, DARHT and other institutions, and the UK was free to share other data with France. Part of the reason I told Geoff Brumfield that I am “confused” explains why I did not know that the agreement between the United States and France had been updated in such a fundamental way. All of this indicates a very comfortable relationship between the three nuclear-armed Western States, none of which have any intention of fulfilling its obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.