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Un Agreement Refugees

Wishing that all States that recognize the social and humanitarian nature of the refugee problem should do everything in their power to prevent this problem from becoming a tension between States, 4. States Parties are considering the possibility of granting refugees, in the absence of reciprocity, rights and benefits that go beyond the rights and benefits to which they are entitled under paragraphs 2 and 3 and to extend the reciprocity exemption to refugees who do not meet the conditions set out in paragraphs 2 and 3. This Convention does not affect the rights and benefits granted by a State Party to refugees other than this Convention. 2. A State party is considering asking refugees to authorize the transfer of assets wherever they are and which are necessary for resettlement in another country where they have been admitted. Each State Party legally grants refugees on its territory the right to choose their place of residence and to move freely within its territory, subject to all the provisions that generally apply to foreigners in the same circumstances. 2. States parties treat refugees as favourably and, in any case, no less favourable than that generally granted to foreigners in the same circumstances, with regard to training other than primary education, including access to education, recognition of foreign diplomas, diplomas and diplomas, the awarding of rights and rights and the granting of scholarships. 1. Each State party grants refugees who legally reside on its territory and who have diplomas recognised by the competent authorities of that State and who receive as favourable treatment and, in any case, no less favourable than titles generally issued by foreigners in the same circumstances. States Parties facilitate, as far as possible, the assimilation and naturalization of refugees. In particular, they strive to speed up the naturalization process and to reduce the costs and costs of such a procedure as much as possible.

4. States parties will look forward to extending as much as possible to refugees the benefits of similar agreements that can be in effect at any time between these States Parties and non-treaty states. whereas it is desirable to revise and consolidate previous international agreements on the status of refugees and to broaden the scope and protection conferred by these instruments by a new agreement, 2. States Parties are doing their best, within the framework of their laws and constitutions, to ensure the settlement of these refugees in areas other than the agglomeration for which they are responsible. If a rationing system applies to the entire population and regulates the general distribution of loss-making products, refugees receive the same treatment as nationals.