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What To Do If There Is No Custody Agreement

Parents often wonder who has custody of a child if there is no court order for the custody of that child. It depends on whether the child`s parents are married or not. If your child is hidden from them or totally deprived, the Stanislaus County Child Abduction Department will investigate the matter. Depending on the circumstances, we can help you find the child or find a visit. However, it will always be necessary for you to submit the appropriate documents to the Supreme Court in order to obtain some kind of custody order. Although there is no court order or agreement, the law has also not established rules: my best friend has a daughter-in-law and her mother prevents her from her father if there is a visitation order. In addition, she has moved in the meantime and the mission is for a meeting place. She has lived with a registered sex offender several times. The girl was hospitalized several times for illness and injury due to neglect, but the mother explains it. My best friend`s husband tried to talk to the courts, but they won`t help without formal papers and they can`t afford a lawyer who files full custody, and CPS still considers their reports to be false. There are many witnesses that the daughter`s mother neglects her emotionally and the way she disciplines her. When she shows her father on very rare occasions, she comes very finely and desperately after attention/love. They could easily have custody through recorded conversations, but they live in one of 11 states that require total agreement for recorded conversations, so the evidence was rejected.

The mother always seems to make friends to pay extreme legal fees, and the father does not have that luxury. She recently lost custody of two of her children despite this fact, but, and will be brought to justice for a third of her 4 children later this year. The only thing they seem to be doing to get their daughter-in-law out of a bad situation is a lot of money they don`t have, and the police refuse to intervene. This poor child is lost in a technical data system. What can they do? If you need legal advice regarding your rights as a parent in Tennessee, we advise you to contact us immediately for a first confidential consultation. We can help you understand your options and make an informed decision about what to do next. To speak to a lawyer in our offices in Clarksville or Springfield, call 931-647-1501 or tell us how to help them online today. The custody decision indicates who gets sole or shared custody and whether physical custody of your child is granted or shared with one of his or her parents. In most cases, custody is distributed to some extent between the parents. Children will live first with one parent, but will spend time with the other. Either a parent can make decisions about school, medical care and religion, or both parents share that responsibility.

It`s been five years now that I have custody of my two children and in them five year father has moved several times and also violated the court order.